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How can I become a member?

How can I become a member?

If you want to become a member please contact the office in the Church House. You can also download a membership declaration here and send it to our office. Please fill it in and send it to the office. If you are a British tax payer you can also fill in a Gift-Aid declaration . This enables us to get an additional 25 pence for every pound you donate at no additional cost to you

Gift Aid Form

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How much should I pay?

There are no fixed membership subscriptions, but because of the drastically reduced contributions from the German Protestant Church we consider the following guidelines as appropriate: the monthly contribution should be about 1 – 1.8% of the amount that a household has at its disposal after subtracting all taxes. For example, if a household has £1,000 per month at its disposal, the monthly contribution to our congregation should be between £10 and £18.

We do also want to emphasize the following aspects:

  • Your subscription to the congregation is voluntary. Our suggestions are guidelines because of the different financial situation of our congregation.

  • New ideas and voluntary work for the congregation are as important as financial support of it. Everybody is needed, valued and can help in whatever way they feel it appropriate and possible.

  • You decide how and when you pay your subscription – weekly, monthly or annually, by direct debit or with a cheque.

How can I pay/donate?

Please send cheques to: Treasurer

Daphne Rose

47 High Street Wickham Market Woodbridge Suffolk IP13 0HE

07834 948670

Or transfers to:

German Lutheran Church 
Barclays Bank 
sort code 20-17-19 
account no. 30396192.
IBAN GB71BUKB20171930396192

Just as important as financial support is of course the support of our congregation through new ideas and volunteering. Everyone is needed.

Thank you for you support!

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