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We rejoice in the fact that many children enjoy coming to our Church House in Cambridge with its lovely garden. With the help of a great team of committed volunteers we run different events for children of different age groups.

Currently, we invite children:

  • To a regular children’s service at least twice a month simultaneously to the congregational service (10.30 am)

  • To a special liturgy and a Bible story for smaller children and their parents called ‘Familienkirche’, up to four times a year on a Sunday at 10.30 am

  • To a Bible Day for children once a year, usually in the autumn on a Sunday from 10 am until 2 pm.

  • To a St. Martins festival on a Sunday afternoon around November 11 th with a puppet play, a short time of devotion, sharing of the St. Martins biscuits and a lantern walk in the neighborhood.

  • For the older children (9 plus) we sometimes organize a film evening.


Please check for exact dates of services and events on the current ‘Events

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