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Carol Crista Long, 26. Dezember 1952 – 15. Januar 2020

Crista arrived early (born prematurely) into the world on Boxing Day in 1952, tardiness was considered the height of bad manners and Crista was always on time, never late. Her parents named her Carol Crista, their parental humour for the festive time of year, and although known to her family as Carol she chose to go by Crista (without the ‘h’) from university onwards. The inclusion of the letter ‘h’ in her name was much debated throughout her life and she was adamant that it was not included so her family were rather surprised when they discovered her birth certificate recently, which included the ‘h’!

As the eldest of four children, her brothers recall wonderful memories of when they were younger such as Crista reading bedtime stories to them and singing lullabies to get them to go to sleep, this is something she carried on with Chris & Hannah and more recently with Albert, her Grandson, when he was born. Her brothers remember the summer family holidays to Eckernforde on the Baltic coast of northern Germany near the Danish border, to visit their grandparents each year and the delicious fresh seafood, freshly baked bread from the bakers every morning and coffee and cake in the afternoons. She was given a lot of responsibility at an early age.

Crista passed the 11+ exam and attended Tollington Grammar School in Muswell Hill, north London. It was here that she formed some life-long friendships and her love of learning started, which she carried through to University where she studied German and History for a Joint Honours degree. It was during this time that she spent a year abroad in Bonn and her love of learning developed into teaching, as she was bilingual she was asked to teach diplomat’s children English (this was when Bonn was the capital of West Germany).

However, teaching was not her first job, she started her career in finance for a German bank in the City of London which she secured having completed a post-graduate course in business and management studies. She also took the Chartered Institute of Bankers exams.

Andrew met Crista in 1971-72 at University, as they were both members of the Nomads – a walking group of students. Andrew recalls one of the things he first noticed about Crista was her kind smile. Andrew and Crista married in May 1978, in the Hamburg Lutheran Church in Dalston, London; however, we have since discovered that this was not Crista’s first marriage - her brother remembered that when she was about 8 Crista ‘married’ her younger sister Karin, one summer in their parents’ garden!

Crista left banking and the City (which she referred to later as “BC” – before children!) when Christopher & Hannah were born. She was a founding member of the ‘Little Fishes’ playgroup here at the Parish Church and always encouraged new mothers to join so they felt included. She was also a keen walker and member of keep fit and Chris and Hannah remember they rarely used the car when they were growing up as Crista liked to walk everywhere.

Growing up Chris and Hannah recall that Crista always encouraged them to be themselves, ‘why be like everyone else’ she would ask? One of her other favourite phrases was, ‘if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all’. Crista was a wonderful cook and excellent baker, many of you will have enjoyed the spoils of her kitchen. One rule growing up was, ‘if you didn’t like it then you didn’t have to eat it, but you had to try it once’ and you were only allowed pudding if you cleared your plate.

Crista rarely raised her voice, she was always calm and patient. Chris and Hannah knew when they were in trouble when Crista would look over her glasses and speak in German in a very measured tone of voice. They called it her ‘teacher look’ which probably came in handy when the children were older and Crista decided to re-train as a teacher in modern languages. Andrew recalls that she always had a weather-eye out for pupils who were less fortunate with learning difficulties, dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc and was sensitive and attentive to them. In addition to German, Crista also taught History and enjoyed her years as a form tutor and Head of Year at St Andrews School in Bedford. A number of her colleagues have said they will miss her loyal friendship and her former Headmistress has fond memories of working with her where she very much appreciated her support – professionally, personally and spiritually.

Crista had always loved reading, her family recall she would borrow several books from the library on a weekly basis and had a wonderful ability to finish them within days. Alongside her love of reading Crista spent some of her retirement crocheting and knitting. Amongst her works were hats for cancer charities, scarves for family members, cardigans for friends and family’s new arrivals, various jumpers for her Grandson Albert and her most recent project was blanket squares for premature babies in local hospitals.

Her kindness and compassion shone through in everything that she did, be it as part of the Healing Team, House Group, Wednesday lunches, or the Pastoral Committee. Her duties here at Church were something she took very seriously and she enjoyed being part of the choir, a chalice assistant, intercessions and readers. Crista was also heavily involved at the German Lutheran Church in Cambridge/East Anglia, being a member for many years, and contributed her time to their Church Council – representing the Bedford/Milton Keynes congregation and also being responsible for “Gift Aid”. A number of the other members have said they will miss her ‘direct, no-nonsense approach to matters’. Crista’s Christian faith was evident in her prayers of healing and support reaching many people.

A lot of people have commented that Crista always put everyone else first, she was totally selfless and had wonderful interpersonal skills, she had a gift for making one feel at ease and a very reassuring manner. Friends and family have expressed that Crista was one of the most loyal and honest people they had the pleasure of knowing. Her independent, practical, loving and patient character will be much loved and sorely missed by all that knew her.

Patrick Deane Daniels, 20. April 1940 - 27. Februar 2020 in Clare, Suffolk.

Patrick besuchte oft als einziger Mann unseren Gottesdienst in Bury St. Edmunds. Seine Ehefrau Heide ist Mitglied in unserer Gemeinde.

Wir trauern mit Crista’s Familie und Patrick’s Ehefrau Heide, aber wir finden auch Trost in den Worten Jesu: "Ich bin die Auferstehung und das Leben. Wer an mich glaubt, wird leben, auch wenn er stirbt."

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